SAND’S SOLUTIONS, INC. Security Protocol

At Sand’s Solutions, Inc., your privacy and data security is important to us. Below is a list of office protocol and practices to ensure your information is safe with our firm.

  • Passwords are changed every 90 days
  • Use of commercial Ant-Virus/Anti-Malware software
  • Frequent off-site file back-up
  • All systems and software are updated quickly after vendors release patches.
  • Accounting software requires separate user passwords to access client files. These passwords are changed every 90 days.
  • All staff receive ongoing training for digital threats.
  • Use of Smart Vault, a secure online vault, with 256-bit AES encryption for file sharing.
  • Discontinued use of thumb drives for file sharing.
  • No client files saved on individual computer desktops
  • All client files locked in secure file cabinets
  • Secure shredding of old files done on-site
  • Secure storage of archived client files
  • Building security alarm passcode changed frequently